Setting the Gold Standard for Child Day Care in Reigate | Daisy Chain

Daisy Chain proudly operates one of the Reigate area’s most well-regarded nursery schools, as child day care specialists who encourage children to thrive and flourish, rather than simply while the day away. If you’re yet to see what we do first hand, and are still searching for the perfect pre-school or children’s nursery in the Reigate area, you may have a few questions for us! So on this page, to hopefully provide some useful answers, we’ve jotted down some FAQs. If you have a different question for us, we’d love to hear from you. Simply call 01737 242 001.

Some FAQs Answered by Daisy Chain Reigate

What does a typical day at your children’s nursery look like?

We believe a routine that the children can get comfortable with is beneficial when it comes to confidence and engagement; so things usually follow a fairly set path. We start with free play and breakfast, which leads into Circle Time. This sees us sing a welcome song, take registration, run over any news of what’s going on at the pre-school, while incorporating a fun show and tell segment. Then it’s outdoor play time, followed by a mixture of indoor play activities and a pick-me-up snack! Another block of outdoor play leads us nicely into an extended lunch period, where children can socialise and eat at their own pace.

The second half of our Reigate nursery school’s daily program follows a similar structure to the first, as many of our children will be collected after lunch, and others dropped off. A new selection of indoor and outdoor activities, either adult-led or left free for the children to drop in and out of as their interest allows, leads into songs and stories, and eventually tea time. We take great efforts to ensure the child day care we provide takes into account the diverse interests the children have: e.g the imaginative can get creative, the sporty can stretch their legs, the introverted can have their space, and the extroverted can be social butterflies.

Are there any additional activities offered?

Yes! Children attending our nursery school can take part in football lessons run by T10 every Friday morning, or ultra-fun song and rhyme sessions with Jinglebugs. As an important part of the Reigate community, we even receive visits from the Fire Brigade, which can be a stimulating day where the children both learn and are inspired by these everyday heroes. Parents and grandparents are also known to drop in to read for the children, making it a real family affair – a close-knit community as much as a pre-school.

What does it mean to be an OFSTED nursery?

Being an OFSTED nursery means that we carefully adhere to OFSTED guidelines and comfortably exceed Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) requirements, guaranteeing parents an exceptional standard of nursery school right here in Reigate. Our excellent performance in OFSTED inspections proves we’ve got the right approach! If you’d like to learn more about our latest OFSTED reports, contact our children’s nursery at your earliest convenience.